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Indoor artificial turf

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Indoor artificial turf is divided into two categories of leisure decoration and sports, green environmental protection is the primary factor considered as indoor artificial turf, the need for no odor, no volatile harmful substances, no heavy metals. Leisure decoration category indoor artificial turf grass height of 1 cm to 3 cm can be, the material is generally PE polyethylene or PP polypropylene, because in the indoor sun light is not affected by the weather can not consider the sun protection, the simulation effect is good. However, if there is sunlight exposure indoors and trampled on the ground, it is necessary to consider sun protection, wear resistance and anti-aging factors, so as to have good durability!

Artificial turf for indoor sports, including indoor football fields, golf, gyms, training fields, etc., mainly use no-fill artificial turf, which can be directly paved on the flat ground to be put into use. The greater the density, the thicker the step on the top, and the fall is not easy to hurt. As an indoor non-filled artificial turf grass silk is not easy to be too long, generally not higher than 3 cm, to prevent the sole of the foot from slipping easily during exercise. In general, artificial turf of the same quality is used indoors for a longer time than it is used outdoors.


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