How does the school choose the right artificial turf?
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How does the school choose the right artificial turf?

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1.Type: Recreational grass/filler sports grass

According to the use of the site, select the type of lawn first: if it is only used for daily play activities, the elasticity and functional requirements of the lawn are not high, you can choose leisure grass, which is convenient and cost-effective; If it is used for ball sports, such as football, etc., you need to choose a more professional sports lawn. Provide good resilience during exercise, and effectively prevent falling injuries during exercise.

2.lawn size (grass height) : 2.0CM/2.5CM/3.0CM/5.0CM

Common specifications of leisure lawn: 2.0CM/2.5CM/3.0CM

Sports lawn common specifications: 5.0CM

The height of the leisure lawn is selected according to the actual situation and use needs of the site. Under the unified density, the thicker the specification, the stronger the comfort of the foot, the better the resilience during walking.

Sports lawn is generally 5.0CM thick, according to the need to choose the type of filling, in order to achieve good sports effect.

3. lawn specifications (density) :

Recreational grass: 14700 needles /16800 needles /21000 needles, etc

Sport grass: Lower density than recreational grass

4.Environmental protection: artificial turf and human body close contact every day, good environmental performance of artificial turf to ensure human health to the greatest extent. Be sure to choose a lawn that has been tested by the national authority and has a certification certificate.

5.anti-aging: under usual climatic conditions, artificial turf with strong anti-aging performance is not easy to fade and is not easy to become brittle. Artificial turf with strong anti-aging performance is more durable and stable, rarely loses grass seedlings, and has a longer service life.

6.wear resistance: artificial turf with good wear resistance is more durable and has longer service life.

7.wear resistance: artificial turf with good resilience performance is more suitable for running and sports, more effectively prevent athletes from falling and closer to natural turf.


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