Green Artificial Turf Outdoor Carpet Golf Grass
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Green Artificial Turf Outdoor Carpet Golf Grass

Outdoor Golf Carpet green artificial grass synthetic grass green outdoor
  • ZGG

  • 5500D

  • 15mm

  • 63000

  • PE straight curve

  • 3/16

  • PP


Compared with natural turf, artificial turf has a huge advantage in the applicability of golf courses. Compared with the real grass green, the artificial grass green only needs one construction, and the construction process is simple, which can save a lot of manpower and material resources. The artificial greens are green all year round, and golf lovers can play on the field regardless of spring, summer, fall and winter. Artificial turf green is completely designed in accordance with the characteristics of natural lawn, whether it is color, hardness, elasticity and real grass are almost the same, walking on the above as walking on the natural lawn, but also to maintain the smoothness and tightness of the lawn. In addition, artificial turf drainage performance is quite good, so that the indoor is not threatened by any moisture.



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